Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

What have I done? I am having Christmas at my house for the first time ever (horror) Considering I haven't celebrated Christmas for about the past 4 years this is going to be a huge feat. Why would I not just take baby steps, no not me, I hadn't had the Christmas tree out of the roof since we moved her 3 years ago. Haven't put up any decorations for 4 years. The names on my Christmas balls still have names on them that have been and gone for ages. I am even working on Christmas Eve, how am I to manage setting up and cooking for how many??? 10 adults and 4 kids?? Christmas dinner no less, pork, chickens, turkey, veggies, baked potatoes, baked pumpkin, corn on the cob, pudding, desert ................ my mind can not comprehend what I have put myself into. Its all my big brothers fault. He doesn't remember but last year he planted the seed in my head when I was at the usual Christmas Eve drinks at his house, whilst I was 2 sheets to the wind. He then went to visit with my mother on Christmas day (he has his own at his home with his family and in-laws) and then planted the seed in her head. When I mentioned this to him not so long ago he can't remember ever saying that I should hold Christmas at my house instead. Too convenient I think :/

Did I mention that I have been renovating as well, we have removed the wall between the kitchen and the lounge making it 'open living', we haven't painted the new arch way yet so will have to get some deco's over it so it can't be seen. I have plaster stuck all over the floor, great that I can't get up so will have to place the rug over it. Think I might also have to start drinking just to cope.

I have started to thaw out the ham, chickens, pork, turkey and have cut up the broccoli, cauliflour, corn, measured the mixed veg, will have to grate some cheese for the broccoli and cauliflour bake, on Tuesday I will have to peel and cut the pumpkin & potatoes and it seems most of my work is done, oh did I mention the my oven is crap so that will take some time to to cook everything!

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Kek said...

You actually sound pretty well organised, Sue! Just do a bit of cleaning and decorating over the weekend, and maybe even cook some of the meat in advance - reheating it on the day isn't that much effort.

It'll be fine - relax and enjoy the company of your family.