Saturday, July 05, 2008

Here I am

I know, I know, I have been lost but now I am found ;)

Yes the wall is finished and now I have to finish painting and laying tiles. Well I have started the painting, as for the tiles, well they are neatly stacked up outside.

I haven't really been doing much except for working. We haven't had internet access for a while and am only this week back online. Dazza is stuck on night shift so I'm home alone at night, you would think I would find something useful to do, like exercise, yoga, walking DVD's but no, not me. The non chocolate eater - and yes there are some of us out here - well has become a chocolate biscuit fend. So I watch crap TV and eat. well that's not entirely true. I get Dazza up in the morning to drive me to the train (the only time I see him in a day) then go to work, catch the train home, its dark, wait for the bus (sometimes 30 minutes if I miss it) then walk the part of the way home, feed all of my 5 fur babies (remember them 3 dogs, 2 cats) then make our dinner, wash the dishes, eat shit on the couch and go to bed and do the same the next day for 5 days running and then the weekend hits. Yay do the house work like washing. Can only do washing on the weekend when someone will be home or Humphrey (Alaskan malamute) who is getting bored with no walks, pulls them off the line for me, he is so helpful, if only he could keep them off the ground and put them in a clothes basket and bring them in the house instead of the backyard : I'm sure I can train him :P

So out with my mother shopping as I do every Saturday, she must weigh herself, you see he has so many illness and always has but in the past 12 months she can not keep weight on, she tries to eat allot but it doesn't help. He appetite is really low actually, so back to the story, she 'must' weigh herself, of course she does this without taking shoes or bulky tops or keys from pocket of mobile phone out of pocket - or is that just me? - well she always loses weight, where are I, with my chocolate biscuit phase manages to put on the weight. I hit 93 kilo's! yes that is now officially the largest I have been. I am slowly losing it, well after 1 week I was down to 91 kilo's. But anyway, the thing is nothing has changed for me, I'm still lazy.

I will start to read some blogs and you will notice that I will be back in action, leaving strange comments on others blogs :)


Kristy said...

It's great to see you back Sue :)

Kek said...

Good to know you're still alive.

We had a dog just like that. Grrr.