Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not feeling fab

God why have I got this sore throat again so soon?

I only just got rid of it after having it for 3 weeks. I can't be bothered doing anything at all. The clothes are still on the line, others still in the basket waiting to be ironed, the bench is cluttered, the kitchen table is full, the floor needs to be swept and mopped....................... but I can't even be bothered to walk to the kettle to make me another hot drink, so I will just drink my cold coffee, at least that is cool on my throat.

I have been giving the Melb marathon some thought and will probably only do the 5.5k walk I think. Because I have been sick, I really haven't been out walking at all and since we are in Melbourne, the weather hasn't been walker friendly lately. In just over a week I will be back on the early shift so will get home from work earlier so that will be better for walking.

I do seem to have my mind full at the moment in relation to our application for adoption that it has taken up allot of my thinking space. But now that my life story is complete, we will probably have a good six months to wait until we would have a social worker assigned to us, so that will my time to relax.

We also decided to go back to Bali next year. What started as a surprise holiday for Dazza and myself, turned into taking both our mum's and now Dazza's sister and her 2 daughters (aged 14 and 10) joy :


Kristy said...

Sue I hope you are feeling better soon. I know this year I am fitter then ever, but I have also already had two colds, which normally never happens for me...

5.5k walk at Melbourne sounds really good. I am very confused with what is happening in Melb now...We booked accomodation with the hotel chain mum works in, but she is trying to get a new job so we can't stay there if she does. Mum doesn't know now whether she can afford to come and so on. It makes it a shambles becuase if I am going by myself I want to stay in a hotel close to the start of the race. Are there any you would recommend that don't cost an arm and leg?

Sorry for the long post...I just not sure what to do at this stage and it is a sore point with Mum due to her change in circumstances.

Your holiday in Bali sounds fab!!

Kristy said...

Hi Sue, quick question have you heard good or bad things about the Georgian Court B & B in East Melbourne, I am going to book either today or tomorrow as very close to the start and finish of the race...Just wondering if you had heard anything?

Thanks for all the other links as well. It was good looking at the different hotels...