Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ok, so how did that happen?

Well look what turned up in my letterbox Friday! I just put in on the bench with the rest of the mail and didn't look to see what it was until Saturday, then of course I thought, yeah right, and put it back down.

A little while later it looked as me again and I thought, that's what Kristy is going to do, like I could do that. But I didn't put it down. Although I know that I wouldn't do any run part, I did notice that I could do a 5.5k walk. The 10k didn't say if you could walk but instead of letting it go, here I am on the web page finding that you can walk it but you have to be at the first cut of within an hour. I have been able to map put my route around our main streets and it equals 5.2k which is exactly the same k's I would have to do in the hour and pretty sure I can make that.

So hence the title of this post 'where the hell did that come from?' me deciding to get my arse back into fitness? I've been semi-happy being a slob, even put on more kilo's, now at 92kilos and holding steady. I say semi-happy because of course I don't like being this big but really can't find any inclination to do anything about it. Until Now that is.

So yesterday out we went to go to the doctors for new medicals for our infant adoption, and then to the shopping centre to get Dazza's haircut (which we didn't) and I got me some shiny new Puma Cell runners. I still can't get over the 'I can't spend allot of money thing' so my new runners were on special for $80. My photo doesn't really do them any justice.
So now I just have to decide with route to do, 5.5k or 10k. Although my biggest problem has always been, to get my lazy but into the city at that hour of the morning which is normally still on the chilly side.


Kristy said...

Hey Sue

Great job, I got really excited when I saw the Melbourne Marathon picture and then even more excited when I saw you have decided to enter an event. I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing which event you decide on.

Great runners by the way. I love new shoes...

I'll be watching your progress. Walking is so good for your health and it will give you something to train for which is helping me heaps. Not sure I would be so enthusiastic if I didn't have races to enter...

Ohh well done, what a great sign :D

Friday said...

Waaaaaaaaaaant. Jealous. Love love love new runners. xxx