Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year - New Stress

I think the neighbours brother has gone away again for his 4-5 day stint, except he didn't tell me, was I just meant to have understood last week that he goes away every Thursday night to Monday morning? I just don't know, but he wasn't there last night and its 8am, surely his car would be there this morning but nope! That would be fine, even if I had to feed the animals on short notice, but the cat is locked in the house. EEERRK. What am I to do? The neighbours have never left a phone number to contact them on or even a spare key to check on the house. SHIT

I am beside myself today whether to call around to every caravan park in the area I think they have gone away to, or even to try and ring the gym that they are members at to see if they will call the mother/daughters mobile, if they even have one. SHIT

I might be panicking over nothing but if he is gone for 4 days, SHIT.

UPDATE -Crisis averted, tracked the neighbours down via the local join that I knew they joined who then the gym called the neighbours who didn't bother to call me but will have it sorted!


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