Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So I'm just going to forget that I weighed myself tonight and continue in the denial mode that has worked for me that last few months.

As per my "non" New Years resolution, I am being kinder to myself and eating better. I have made a big batch of fruit salad and have been taking some to work for my snacking times, been eating better at lunch and even eating something for breakfast.

Still my bad time is after dinner watching TV or actually doing anything after dinner includes snacking on something. Tonight it was in front of the computer eating popcorn that I did not microwave but cooked on the stove in a pot (with oil) but that didn't really work that well so not eating it, that's at least a good thing.

I'm really bored and think that I will go to bed, God knows I could do with a early night. My shins are sore which is a pain in the ...... well shins, have only been walking so don't know why they are sore, it's not like I've done allot of said walking.


Kristy said...

I'm bored too Sue, but great job on being easier on yourself with food. Me too and it is working so much better for me. Lots of fruit everywhere and eat fruit instead of junk food. It is making me feel alot better. I am also eating more vegetables.

I hope your shins are better soon Sue

Chelle said...

I have a hard time cutting out the garbage too. I try to remind myself to substitute sweets with candy, but sometimes I really just want that candy and I'll get ornery if I don't get it. lol

Keep up with the walking and the shins will too. :)