Monday, March 09, 2009

And that would be 3

I forgot to let you all know that we are now number 3 in line for the worker to be assigned to us for the adoption process. Things seem to be moving right along at the moment, by June I'm sure we will be assigned. Then it's just the actually going through everything to get approved. I'm hoping all of our 'home improvements' will be completed by then. At the moment we have pulled up all of our floor boards in the entry, kitchen, dining room, pulled up the existing tiles in the laundry, bathroom, toilet and ensuite to lay our new tiles. I think they will look fab since we started to lay them in the entry way but then when Dazza's friend came over, he said they don't look so ........... professional! So they will be laying tiles together tonight I believe............ but I will believe it when I see it. For my part, I think I will start moving the tiles around to the back door so they have no excuse as to not do them. Do you know how heavy a pack of 330x330 tiles are? Really heavy!
Other than that, i really haven't been doing much but working. Hard to believe since I haven't been blogging everyday like I used to and nothing else has changed. Oh well, better go, things to do...........

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