Sunday, January 31, 2010

I can't believe I let myself down yesterday. Well actually I probably can believe it, its what I do.

I couldn't help myself, I think its my emotions eating the nearly full 'hot stuffed olives' and a packet of microwave popcorn and strawberry short cake ice cream plus some other icy poles and a white wrap with cream cheese, salad and ham. I probably would have eaten more if I had more junk to have eaten.

Why my emotions? Well I know when I am bored I eat, when I'm stressed I eat, when I'm lonely I eat.

I got a call on Friday night from dad to tell me mum needed to go back to the hospital. She had had her follow up appointment after her bout of sepsis last month and it showed in the blood work that her kidney function had decreased again my 50%, which might not be a problem but when your kidney function is already 50% lower than a healthy person that's a problem. When she was originally taken in last December and was near death her kidney function was at 14%, this week without her even realising she was sick it went to 20%. Also her blood work indicated that there is a infection happening again where they do not know yet, just like last time. You would have thought that when she had the chills and shivering but feverish for 2 nights running that she would have had a clue but she didn't. Now she is laid up again in the hospital but thankfully not in ICU.

To add to that, Daz has also lost the job that he has been at for 6 months but luckily had been successful in another position before he was laid off, it just saved him the worry of having to quit.

I too have 2 interviews this week, so hopefully I will be in full time work very quickly and have to stop being the lady of leisure of only working part time. It was good while it lasted.

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