Sunday, January 03, 2010

Almost forgot

to tell you mum's home from hospital. She was released last Wednesday arvo. She still has the wobbly leg issue going on so is just staying home and building her strength back up. While in hospital she lost some weight which I suspect was a bit of muscle mass in the legs, especially with all that fluid she had that was leaking from her leg wound.

Me, I'm just blah. My ankle is hurting from I don't know what but haven't had a chance to go to the doctors yet but might be able to get to the clinic today however suspect that they will just give me pain medication which I can get over the counter anyway. Work also has a physio that I think I can use so will find out about that on Monday.

The baby options aren't moving along any which way, DHS are being painful and the line in the sand that they keep on drawing, keeps on moving. I'm going to sign up for hypnosis, on my terms, to get rid of my fears and phobia's, will utilise it for weight loss as well. No if only I could learn enough to use it on Daz to stop him smoking 2 PACKS A DAY!

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