Saturday, January 09, 2010

putting it out there


deep breath in and out

I have weighed myself today

I can't believe the scales

I do believe the scales, who am I kidding

now I know I've said before I have never been this weight before but this is again true :(

the number. . . . . . .

95.4 kilos = 209.8 pounds = 15.02 stone

just saying

just putting it out there


Kristy said...

Hi Sue

If you ever want to email me for some tips that have helped me just let me know :P Although I am still a work in progress lol

One thing I am doing at the moment is trying to eat lots of fruit in the hot weather. No idea if it will help, but all the water content in grapes, watermelon and rock melon can't be bad. Oh and mangoes. Do you have any fruit you absolutely love?

Have a great day :)


Kristy said...

Sue how do I know if the two cats are playing or fighting and if it is fighting should I break it up? Jasper never makes a sound, but sometimes he starts licking biting Zena (kitten) and she starts hissing a bit or growling as such and then a bit of a squabble breaks out. I'm assuming that they were fighting or that Jasper doesn't know how to play yet...

I tried shutting the kitten up last night in the bathroom, but she was meowing and Jasper was trying to play with her under the door so I ended up letting them both be together. They didn't seem to kill each other.

I feel like a new Mum lol with her two children :P Trying to do what is best for both of them