Sunday, July 11, 2010

Appointment Set

That's right I have set the appointment for the 'telephone consult' with our US fertility clinic for Friday 16th (my Saturday) at the crazy hour of 7am to 8am. That's right I will have to be awake very early that Saturday morning but at least its noting like the call I got on Wednesday morning to set the appointment. That Wednesday morning call came in at 2.40am!

HELLO people, check the time difference please before dialing!

So I waited until 7.15am my time to call them back but was told to call back in 15 minutes at the person I needed had just gone on a 15 minute break!

Again, hello people, I am calling from the other side of the world here, can she just not take her break a bit later, we are only setting an appointment not doing the consult right there and then.

So again, patiently I wait another 15 minutes and call back. They wanted to set the appointment for 2 days earlier, not going to work, and earlier in the morning for me! That is definitely not going to work for me. So after a little adjustment, I get me way. Still had to wait to find out about the charges and how that would work, they told me someone else was looking at that and would be in contact, I just hoped that they wouldn't call me at some crazy hour like the other staff member :| Turns out they emailed me that instead, so I have to complete 17 pages of information along with the charge form ($260 for the telephone consult) and email it back for the consult.

They say the consult can go for about an hour which is great as the doctor likes to answer all of your question, but we have been communicating via email for a while anyway so I think it will be shorter.

I think have an appointment in Australia with the other doctor I am use here for half of the treatment on the 27th ($180 charge) so the ball will be truly rolling. I believe my donor has received her paperwork from the clinic and should be getting that side underway too.

Its amazing to think I could fly around the world to bring home my babies with some help from some generous people. I think my dream of having a family wouldn't have come true without them.

On better news, my weight has been coming down, which is fantastic. I'm loving feeling slimmer, although I know its mainly water weight that has come off, you can definitely see it in my clothes as my belly doesn't quite stick out as far and I'm able to wear clothes I haven't in ages.

Like I said, loving it :)


La La said...

Wow! Exciting stuff! I can't wait to follow along on your journey.

littlezen said...

Sending you good vibes!