Friday, July 30, 2010

It happened again!

Why is it that my new international clinic, who boast about having international patients, don't look at the time difference when call?

The first time a few weeks ago they called me at 2am, my time to make a time for the telephone consult.

Then last night, or should I say this morning, they called at 4am to get my credit card details. I asked if they could call me back in 2.5 hours but no it was to important to get the details. I told them I had already provided my credit details via a credit card authority. Then they wanted to know who I emailed it to and when. Its 4am people! After I told them, I forgot about finding out how much it was going to cost for the transportation of the donor embryos! So just thought I would check my credit card authorisation when I got up at 6.30am. When I checked my account there was nothing gone through so I had to call them instead but I waited until a more suitable time to call. For something so urgent that it couldn't wait a few hours, it turns out they hadn't even run the charges yet. And the lady I spoke to when I called know all about the credit card authorisation form I sent as she had it and had already given it to the 4am caller BEFORE she called me.

I can only hope that the doctor is much better at inserting the catheter tube than the credit department with there international time zones.


Chelle said...

I wouldn't have even known they had called until I woke up the next day to a missed call.

Next time they call, tell them to mark your chart with a big red marker that says you don't live in the US and to be considerate of time zones before calling so early in the blessed A.M.!

twondra said...

Oh wow. How frustrating!! I hope things get better and they don't continue to call in the middle of the night!

Journey Girl said...

Cripes that is a bit rich!! I would let them know (in US times) what the best time it is to call - I use the meeting planner on world time to work out the best times!!

Just catching up on all of your news at the moment, very exciting!!