Saturday, August 07, 2010


That's what I will title this post, frustration!

Do you realise how hard it is to have a language barrier when there is no reason for a language barrier?

When the country and person you are speaking to speaks the same language but there is some sort of barrier there.

If your trying to guess what I'm talking about, well it's that new clinic I have on the other side of the world, in down town USA.

I send emails and only get half information back or no information at all.

Not only do they call me in the middle of the night when they do call, when they email they seem to go around what I have asked them and give me other stuff that I still don't know why they emailed it to me!


So I have again emailed them, tried to make my requests as simple as possible so that they can follow them and we'll see what we get.

Can anyone who lives in down town USA tell me when it comes to blood work what a GC is? They also want Chlamydia DNA cultures? WTF? Is that just standard blood work where you are?

I have already told them I have had a pap test and now they also want a Mammogram, which thankfully I had done in November 09 anyway. Whats with all these, what seems unnecessary testing? I'm sure they all are in together to cost us as much money as possible.

OK, enough whining, on a good note, our new embryos have arrived at the clinic although they say they don't have any information on them so they have to call the lab they came from for info! Pretty sure my donor told me that she placed a envelope in with the embryos from the lab but now my clinic can't seem to find it, I hope they can find the right opening when its time to transfer them babies....... I shouldn't even joke about it ......

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