Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sorry for the MIA

Sorry guys that I've seemed to me missing, I'm not, I'm reading your blogs, but I really don't have much to tell you about.

I'm working heaps, 11 hours per day at work, we have to save allot to get over the the US to get to our babies in waiting. They are at least tucked away in their clinic waiting for us to arrive.

I don't know if I have told you about this great gift. We were graciously donated 10 frozen embryos by a great family, a family I have never met in real life, a family that I have never heard the sound of their voices, their laughter but only read about their tears, frustration and finally joy over the years. A tie I will have with them forever and hopefully a successful pregnancy and birth of at least 1 child that will mean the world to both my husband and I. Only someone else who has gone through infertility can understand.

I have done some investigation myself, Google is a great source and found that the donor of the sperm has had live births before, by memory I think there is 2 boys and girl born from this sperm, of course this makes my heart warm, to know that my chance to be a mother is one step closer.

I wonder if it will stop those comments from who seems like a good friend, like, that coming from someone who isn't even a mother. You know I may not have been a mother to my own child, but I have looked after other peoples children in my own home like they were my own, when those who 'are mother' choose not to care for their own children. I don't know but sometimes looking after others children that have been hurt by someone like their mother or father, it is harder than being the natural mother, maybe they should look at that. They may not be out blood but when they bleed, I bleed too, when they cry, I cry too, when they accomplish something I accomplish it too.


Chelle said...

I am so proud of people who donate their embryos to other couples to help them achieve their dreams of parenthood. It is so selfless, and only someone who has walked the infertile path can give so generously and lovingly. They are amazing people. I am so glad that your life has been blessed by someone so sweet and caring.

Dora said...

I'm so sorry about the stupid comments from people. When you are meant to be a mother it is in your heart long before your baby is born. You're getting closer to your dream every day. YAY!