Saturday, August 28, 2010

Isn't funny when....

You start to eat a bit healthier and you get all of the questions?

And that's not to say that the people asking the questions have ever noticed what you have eaten before or even that they have even spoken to you at all since you worked with this employer??

There is someone at my place of work that I like to call 'the one that walks amongst the clouds', yes that's right, the person is not only tall but seems to have a string on her nose that pulls it upwards.

One morning this week I happened to be in the kitchen at the same time as 'the' when my supervisor was like "take a look at this thing with her healthy food, she's going to cook an egg in the microwave, gotta see this", of course I was using a microwave safe egg poacher, to which 'the' asks "is this part of some sort of diet?" as I'm pulling out my food to place in the fridge.
I have 2 containers of salad, I'm working 11 hours a day people, and some left overs from dinner to have for lunch along with my salad.

Why does that have to be a special diet? I must admit I am still reading my new book, Changing Habits, Changing Lives, and yes it has me thinking in another way about what I am eating but please, its not the first time I have had salad at work.

Why is it that people can't wait for you to fail, is it so they feel better about themselves? Is it the Aussie way? I just don't know. I do think its sad to be waiting for someone else to fail just so that a comment, that of course stings, be said. What do you want to be the first to say a horrible comment? Do waste your breath, you are not the first, you are the last in a very long line of people to say something they thought was witty but in actual fact shows how much of a callous person you really are.

Now to the book, LOVING THIS BOOK!

Why did I not look it up before now? Thanks Kristy for telling us about it on your blog. Although I must say, the husband, Dazza thinks I've gone crazy, but I'll show him, when he starts feeling better, that its linked to the quality of food that we have changed to. He may not be happy to be dragged to the farmers market on a Sunday morning, but he will do it and in a short time I think he will be the one getting the car ready to get to the market.

So far I have made some small changes, like trying to go organic. But can't wait to continue on this little life change and see where it takes us to.

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