Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Say a little Prayer

My mum is in hospital in intensive care

They don't know where the infection started but I was told last night after she was brought in my ambulance to call my family members. You can imagine I was freaked completely out as she was sitting up and talking just not making much sense.

Her blood pressure and her sugar levels were having a hard time being stabilised even after 3 litres of fluid. Her kidney count was at 13 which normal is apparently 90. She had the start of a kidney issue but in July her count was 40 and today I was told that normally they look at dialysis when it hits 30 but she is now way past this.

They are still looking for the point of infection but after a chest x-ray, a abdomen x-ray, a CT scan and today a ultrasound, they have been unable to locate where the infection is.

She did start to eat tonight which is promising but the doctor has previously stated that she goes up but then crashes back even worse.

So my mum needs all the prayers I can get mustered around the world to make her better, she is my best friend and I can't have her leave me, not yet, our times not now...........


Kristy said...

My prayers are with you and your Mum Sue. I hope they can find out where the infection has started.


ms_attitude said...

I hope all is okay Sue. xx