Friday, December 04, 2009

Can you bloody well believe it

That's right, anyone looking at my Tweets will see that my darling sister in-law who is never wrong **hiccup** had the tickets to Fleetwood Mac in her safe, forgot to get them out and check the date!

I happen to call her Tuesday night to check the time it started thinking the concert was on Saturday night, but my call went to message bank.

11.30pm I get a text telling me to call her. Of course I am sleeping but am awaken by the text but tell her Dazza, her brother to call instead and I go back to sleep.

In the morning I get told, sorry but we missed it................ it was Tuesday night!


It seems that her daughter got home from camp Tuesday night, decided she wanted MacDonald's for dinner so off they went. When she got home she saw the message but then her other daughter got on the phone and she thought she would just check the message later.

She forgot.

11.30pm she saw there was still a message. It was me.

If she had taken the call when I first called (she was home) we would have made it to the concert.

She had only the week before been talking to someone about what night we were going.

I have never even seen the tickets as she brought them and put them in her 'safe'. Like who's going to steal them????

If I had asked for our tickets, I know the response, 'why we will all be going together anyway'

Now as she is so devastated by the fact that we all missed the concert, she is deflecting by saying, I'm not taking all the blame, you should have known the date of the concert.

How the hell she comes up with that when she purchased them and kept them is beyond me but she is beating herself up enough so I don't have to help in that department.

What a waste of what .... $250, and so close to Christmas


Kristy said...

Ohhh Sue that must be devastating, concerts are so expensive anyway let alone when you don't go...

Chelle said...

Ouch! That really stinks. I bet you were ticked too. I love that she is trying to shove off the blame. Its no one's mistake but hers where she bought them and then shoved them away where eyes couldn't see them. 100% hers. Nice try on her part though.

Chelle said...

I left a little gift for you on my blog that I hope will bring a smile to your face. :)