Saturday, November 28, 2009

Help required

I think I've killed my lettuce hanging basket, well not the basket as such but the plants formly known as lettuce. It goes like this: I harvested (f*cebook talk) the lettuce and now I think I did it wrong cause I only seem to have 1 plant growing again. So all you veggie growers out there need to tell me how to harvest the lettuce. What I did do was take to them with a pair of scissors, is that wrong? Should I be leaving the outer leaves and only taking the inners, because I cut them clean off all together.

On a good note, the cherry tomato plants are starting to flower a little and the cucumber plants seem to have taken off and gotten all furry. But the capsium plant leafs seem to be being eating by something as they have some holes in them. Any idea what insect like these plants, my mum keeps on telling me to spray them but with what? Isn't that the whole idea of growing yourself so that you don't have to spray. Dam mother nature and its insects!


Debstar said...

Sue, You're better off taking the outer leaves of the lettuce as required and leave the inner leaves to grow.
For the insects you can blend a chilli or two and garlic in water and sprinkle on the plant, especially the underside leaves. Might work but you will need to do it frequently. Otherwise you can use pyrithrum but then that will cost you about $8 and it would be cheaper to just buy your capsciums instead.
Also think about buying some basil to put beside the tomato plants. The idea is the pests have such a good time eating the basil they will leave the tomatoes alone. In any case you will have basil and tomatoes for your bruschetta.

I hate bugs.

Kek said...

Poor, poor lettuce! :(

You gave them a crew cut, when all they wanted was a trim.