Sunday, November 01, 2009


I felt like a change to something more brighter, more come on summer, so this new background is the result. Don't know how long my eyes will like it but it is what it is for now.

Thought I would update with some random complaints at home/work:

1) Daz has lost over 10 kilo's since I changed his eating habits for his gallstones but I haven't lost any #$@*%

2) D.HS had me do counselling to make sure I wasn't f*cked up mentally, which I have proved not to be but still haven't heard back from them

3) All the people at my new work love sport, watching sport, taking part in sport, talking sport ............. I don't!

4) a good 50% or more go to the gym at my work, what's with that?

5) means I'm going to have to get my butt into gear too

6) I've continued to put on weight, now in the mid 90's yet I am the one at work who eats salads for lunch!

7) can't seem to do the food thing right, in verse's out ......... I know I'm not exercising but come on, am I eating too much or not eating enough??????

8) My nephews girlfriend is pregnant again! That will make 3 for them and he hasn't even turned 21 yet!

9) My 25 year old niece thinks that giving a Christmas present to all of her family members in the way of a mug with half tissue paper and lollies is appropriate when she has requested a King size doona from me and a blackboard for her son, which she continues to shove down every ones throats! It would seem petty but for her partners side of the family they will get grown up presents not something that I would expect my 8 year old niece to give me from her school fete!

10) ....... well can't think of a 10th thing right now but I''m sure by the end of the day I will.

On a brighter note, Master Humphrey was taken to the beach yesterday on the back of a trailer with his other doggy friends from his walking group. Apparently he loved it, hate to have seen the vomit in the back of the trailer on the way home, all that sea water and God knows how many dogs!

Powercor gym has just opened up near home, might have to go down and have a look at the equipment they have. Pretty good I think for $4 a session

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