Saturday, October 31, 2009

thought it was time for a change

the weather is heating up here so thought my mind set had to change from mellow to bright and cheerful.

Soon it will be Christmas, if you can believe it? I have already started buying gifts, have already gotten allot of the food sorted, will order some chicken pieces and the bread rolls soon.

We have a traditional Christmas feast which means I need to be organised. We have both sides of the family over together which makes for between 15 - 20 people here for lunch.

What is everyone else doing? Do you start getting ready now or is it a mad rush to the end?

I haven't heard from the adoption agency yet, think that it will be on hold, I'm hoping not but what can I do?

We have a long weekend so am going to get stuck into the gardening, especially the back yard, will post some photo's if I actually get anything good done.

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Trace said...

I've started shopping. I don't want to rush around like a mad woman. Nor do I have the money do everything last minute.