Saturday, October 10, 2009

a leaf from

Kek had some nice new shiny things so thought I would take a leaf from her and show my new shiny thing :)We brought a LG Flatron Monitor for the computer because we were using a monstrous clunky old monitor and the new one is fabulously huge at 22 inches. It has such vivid colours and I can now see lots more on Facebook except for Farmville which is another story all together!

I also brought this book, which is very extravagant for me as I normally borrow my books from the library but it was a lazy Sunday trip to Big W when Daz was at work and it happened to ring some bells for me. So anyway, I just sent some time reading it and it makes some sense, except for the bit about me not eating red meat every day and the picture for the minestrone soup that looks more green than tomato red. Its funny because I can actually hear his voice when I was reading it, you know how animated he gets when he talks, that's how I read the book in my head as well. Scary stuff.

So I have to go plant shopping, no for the garden, no, for my food to eat. His theory is to eat 2/3's 'Basic food' which is plant food - vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains etc, and 1/3 'Bonus foods' which is all other stuff. He also advises that kangaroo meat is very good but still a bit unsure about that little fact. It may be good but don't know if I can get it past my lips.

Has anyone tried it before???

He doesn't follow that GI diet but HI factor, you may ask what is the HI factor? Human Interference. How many times has human touched the food you are about to eat? From picking, peeling, washing, smashing, mashing, frying, you get the picture.

He has 'the rule of 15' which is eating 15 different types of basic foods a day, doesn't have to be the whole piece of food but at least a bite of it. and FP100 which is his fruit platter always in the fridge which is just bite sizes of fruits at hand which can also help you with 'the rule of 15'.

It does make allot of sense but I do like my steak, don't know if I can change it for Kangaroo steaks even though I did see in Safeway/Woolworths last night kangaroo steaks, marinaded kangaroo steaks and marinaded mini kangaroo roast rolls. Why are they marinading it? Does it taste that BAD?

Oh and I forgot to mention, you know how bad I have been with getting work or should I say keeping work of late, I have a second job at Katies! and an interview with the local council again for another job. So at the moment I have 2 jobs and may have to decide which I will keep as my main if the council job comes through for me.


Kristy said...

Wow Sue you have a lot going on. Your new monitor would be amazing and the meal plan books sounds good. Lots of fruit and veg is always good.

Good luck on the council job. I have heard it is always good to get in with council. Best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,
Kangaroo is the go. Its used by a lot of natural body builders and athletes because its high protein low fat and has a fatty acid called CLA which helps reduce fat while building muscle.

You can find out a bit about at you can't get Naturoo in Vic the product in safeway is next best.

By the way the big problem with beef is that most of it is grain fed and that messes with the total fat levels and the lipids in the meat along with the fact that the breeds we have now have been selectivly bred for hundreds of years to maximise weight gain and fat content because the cattle are sold by weight. Kangaroo is completly free range and the breeding has not been messed with. All round its a healthier choice

Debstar said...

I managed to get it past my lips. Swallowing it was another story!
What no one tells you is that the meat stays red even after you've cooked it for ages, so don't do what I did and cook it for too long.

Kek said...

There's nothing wrong with steak -and our cows are mostly NOT grain fed, unlike in some other countries. Just drive around the local area and see them grazing happily in the paddocks.

I don't like roo at all - it smells bad while cooking and it needs to be rare, otherwise it's tough as old boots. Ugh. I don't DO rare...