Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nearly a week

Its been nearly a week since my last counselling session and still no word from the adoption agency about when our assessment will continue. #%$@ It's so frustrating having to wait for someone else. Especially since we should have been going to panel this coming month for approval. I don't know if the assessment is finished and we just have to wait for the report to be written or if there is still sessions to be had. Even if the assessment is done, we have to wait for it to be written up and for ourselves to get a copy to make notes or ask for changes before it even is finished enough to go to panel. With they way the government department works it will take them over a month just to write it up and give us the first draft which means good bye to having a happy Christmas knowing that we are just waiting to be picked. We will have to wait not knowing if and when we are going into the pool of people that can be even looked at for a birth mother.

Like I said, frustrating!

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twondra said...

I hope you hear something soon!!