Monday, November 02, 2009

Inspiration and a bit cheap

Well I have been thinking about growing some much used veggies around here but with my puppies it can be a challenge but yesterday I started to grow some salad greens, some strawberries (of course, any gardener worth anything grows strawberries) cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a variety of capsicums and peppers, I say variety because I have no clue which were in the punnet ;) Now I say cheap because I am sick of spending so much money on buying lettuce, I generally buy it pre-packaged but even if I didn't, a butter lettuce is like $3 and that's just 1 variety that I like, together with the cherry tomatoes another $3, cucumber ....... well the list goes on and since I generally have salad with some part or all of a meal every day it just makes more sense to grow it myself. I have had to place some out the front of the house for now otherwise the only consumption will be by my dog, Humphrey! He loves veggies and salad.

I think that the capsicum, cucumber and cherry tomatoes will probably have to be separated at some point as they will all grow out of these pots but while they are little they will be fine, I hope any way :) By the way, don't you love my hanging plant baskets, I just love them to bits, will have to buy more like these they come in many different designs.

I also wanted to show and tell my garden bed before and after:

We have been doing a bit to the yard of late as well, once that's completed I will post some more photo's. I can't believe by pulling sown one overgrown, falling down bush (that was inter twined with rose bush I might add) has opened up our yard and make it look much wider.
We have a few trips to the tip today with green waste but it will all be worth it in the end when that #$%#@ rose bush is all gone.

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Chelle said...

If you eat veggies as much as you say you do, growing your own is absolutely the way to go. It may cost less from the pocket book, but you will make up for it in the time you spend caring for them as they grow. On top of which, you will get the satisfaction of knowing you grew it and watching it grow. I am envious of your gardens.