Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dilemma fixed

So there is no more dilemma.

I decided to end my 2nd job and if I need extra cash I can just do an hour extra at my 1st job especially since it pays more anyway.

One to my second accomplishment, I think I might have put this out there a while back but I had been to anxious to try it but last night ..................


Can you believe it? I can't, it was hard to not let them in but its been like 33 degree's here, its not like its cold, its quite warm and its going to continue that way for at least the next 4 months and then it will be autumn and that's not bad weather either, hopefully before winter 2010 we will have completed out extension to the pergola so they can permanently sleep outside and only come in when there is a thunderstorm or fireworks. It will have me doing less cleaning that's for sure as they seem to be molting allot at the moment to.

It also means that the cats aren't locked in the bedroom with us at night time and they can have the door to the laundry room left open to get to their food, water and litter box through the night without the dogs eating all their food, or the fear of the dogs turning on them in the night.

And this might be a by product of them sleeping outside but I was awake at 6am, actually refreshed, I guess that's what happens when you don't have a dog and 2 cats sleeping on your bed along with you and the husband, as well as the other 2 dogs at the bedroom dog waiting anxiously for you to get of that room to play with them.


Chelle said...

That would be really tough. I hate it when I have to make my dogs sleep outside because they are ill (out the hind end). I hear you about the being able to sleep though. Sometimes I lock my dog out of the room at night so I can sleep too.

twondra said...

Glad the dogs were able to sleep outside and glad you quit the second job! Yay!!