Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm so proud of me

You won't believe it but I actually had the dogs sleep outside last night. That's right ALL 3 of them. I'm not going to lie, it was hard to go to bed knowing that they were out there. But I did it. It killed me to see little Miss Becky's face through the security sliding door but I walked away.

It did result in me having a more restful sleep last night though which is good because for the last week my sleep has been CRAPOLA. I even woke up at 6am and I mean woke up, rested!

Did the normal shopping thing with mum yesterday, got me a bargain I did. I decided to buy everyone a gift for Christmas this year which I might have already mentioned and since one of my nephews would like some car seat cover, thought that would make a good gift for 2 other nephews who are all into the Aussie thing, even have a tattoo of the Australian flag on their arms, so went to Kmart hoping to see if they had the seat covers and how much they would be.

I was looking, looking and low and behold, there was a 9 piece pack, front seats x 2, front mats x 2, back mats x 2, seat belts strap covers x 2, and steering wheel cover x 1 = $57.99. Imagine my surprise when I come across the same set but as a 10 piece pack with all of the above plus a air freshener = $25?????? Here I am, back and forth between the labels, maybe its a different fabric? Nope same fabric, maybe there's something wrong with the labels? I read them carefully, nope reads right, get another nephew to go and scan it (their good for leg work those nephews) and it scans at $25. Right I'll have 3 of them, but of course my luck can't run that good as there is only 1, but the girl tells me that there's 5 at another Kmart, I went there that night (open 24hrs) and there's only pink! Sue the boys would love that.

So today will be a look for another 2 sets, probably at another Kmart plus I have to look for something 'Fox' for another nephew........... but I think I will be able to pick up the car seat covers, mum's new handbag and the Fox stuff all at one location which will be excellent.


Kristy said...

Sue great job on the bargain find. I love a good bargain. Why not pink? You never know they may secretly love the colour

Chelle said...

I love it when I find deals like that. I bet it totally made your day. I know it would mine, but maybe I'm just silly that way. Awesome find!