Friday, September 14, 2007


Enter at your own peril.

I thought I was sick earlier, God today feels so much worse. On Wednesday I as willing myself to be well, thought on Thursday after waking at 1am that I think I am sick, won't go to work today, felt a bit better that day. Around comes 5pm and it all turned to complete SHIT! My nose mysteriously turned into a running tap and my eyes are broken, I have put in eye drops but it doesn't seem to help for long. Today is just one long blur of wet tissues and feeling sorry for me. No one can make it go away. I'm gunna try and go back to bed, hope that when I wake it is magically gone away................................ a girl can hope can't she?


Debstar said...

Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

ms_attitude said...

Sue...sue....where are you? Hope you're on the mend from the snot fest :-)
We could've been sisters in snot this week ..eeeeuwww ;-p