Saturday, September 08, 2007

What a week!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been a good blog participant in the past week or so, I will try really hard this week to read whats been going on because I really feel like I have missed lots of whats been going on in your lives. Yeah Kek for the big move into the rental!

So my week thus far in the new job. Well as we are still in training it hasn't been to bad however there has been some hiccups. As you all know with the change of jobs I have stayed in the same industry but allot of the new staff are completely new to the industry. I sometimes feel like I shouldn't speak in the class as I don't want others to think that I am trying to take over or answer for the trainer, I had even mentioned this to a couple of the others in the class just in case they were feeling this way. But low and behold, it happened yesterday and I felt like the tiniest person on earth. One of the guys in the class, strange man at best, mentioned in front of everyone that when he asks a question that he wants only the trainer to answer even though he appreciates that we all bring our 'own' experiences to the job! Well I could feel myself go red and eyes on me. I really wanted to get up and walk out and never go back but I stayed. I then mentioned to the trainer after lunch that I hoped that she didn't think I was taking over but I too had to clarify in my mind the job as it is different from my old company. I also advised that I DO want to be there at this company and not the old one. She assured me that she ran that room, not him, and that she appreciated my input.

Once we started again, the whole group listening and participating, he asked a question again and someone from behind him went to answer and he stopped her in her tracks with 'I'm asking our trainer'. Well, I think he just ended every friendship he may have had in the room. How he is to work as a team in the future I have no idea as no one wants to help him or talk to him.

Anyway, for our next interesting installment in the strange man, during the week he was late back to class with another team member who is a visitor to this country. They came back half an hour late telling us that they lost track of time as they found they had a lot in common about a Bangladesh poet and he could tell us all about it to if we wanted! Hello, you are interrupting the class as we are learning a new computer system. Man what an idiot. They were told to stay behind after class and he couldn't understand what he had done wrong. The next day our visitor from another country was asked to stay behind again and then the following day I didn't expect to see him again because of his tardiness but low and behold, there he was on Friday. However by morning tea he was gone. Apparently lead away by a very 'official' looking person. Its seems we have a problem with our visa, or lack there of it! Think we may need to visit him in a detention centre somewhere.

So here I am at home, still obsorbing all that happened and my new found friends, from many walks of life which I will have to tell you about later. I have a really sore mouth that I think is from eating a pie LAST Sunday which was too hot, it seems to have blistered and ulserated and is hurting like hell.


Kek said...

You might want to ask at your local pharmacy if there's something you can get to help your mouth heal. Ulcers are killers - ouch!

Don't worry about the rude guy in your training group - I'm sure he has some bad karma coming his way...

Debstar said...

There is always one prat in every job I've been in. Seems you've discovered who it is even before you've got out of training.

Hope it all works out well for you.

ms_attitude said...

Some people have very strange ways of doing things. Wouldn't you rather learn from a lot of people than just learn one person's opinion? How can you make a good judgement call on the best option that would suit you in any given situation? Bizarre.

That guy needs to learn about teamwork...