Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just a short update

Kristy has asked me about my 'RSI' and how its going so thought better to answer it here since maybe others could use the information.

Well Kristy, I still have the condition however not as bad, actually almost gone. I have been seeing an Osteopath as Kek had suggested and after the first visit I really felt a difference. However not all session have had the same result. Slowly but surely I am getting to the end of the soreness and will probably go back to full hours next week. The RTW officer also raised my desk at work so that my back is straighter, I have a 'Evoluent' mouse for my right hand but did the same as you are doing by using my left hand for mousing for a long time until my symptoms reduced in my right. All I can say is that you will need to rest it and that means not inflaming the tendons in your wrist so you may not be able to do weights with that hand. But again it would be better to see someone like an Osteopath and they will be able to walk you through the do and don'ts.

Hope this helps and that it gets better real soon. Thanks for all the info you have passed onto me also with the running :)

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Kristy said...

Thanks Sue for the update on RSI. I will concentratre on using left hand and see if it goes away. It just seems to come and go...I guess I use my right arm for everything... Drinking coffee, water bottle, writing etc.

If it doesn't go away I will go and see a Osteopath. I'm not sure whether I should mention to work or not. I don't like making fuss, but I guess I should