Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm sick of all the dome and gloom on my blog, whats with that?

I today started to eat healthy again and I must admit I really enjoyed my dinner I must say.
I brought my food on the way to work and just prepared my lunch once there and also had my brekkie at work as well (sultana bran) but even eating healthy I have gone over my calories that I wanted to use today.

So brekkie was 3/4 cup sultana bran with 1/2 cup Pura lite start milk and 2 cups of coffee, one when I got up and one once at work. Lunch was 60gms smoked chicken breast with mixed salad, cherry tomatoes and mountain bread, oh and some philly cream cheese (which I will now be replacing with Greek style natural yoghurt) and dinner was 250gm chicken breast cooked in Nando's cook in sauce, mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, oven cooked wedges, Greek salad dressing and Greek style natural yoghurt. It doesn't seem that much but it adds up. Oh and I did have 2 mandarins and a can of Coke Zero.

From tomorrow I will be walking to the station again before work but must admit that I will be picked up at night time (me and my scared to walk in the dark, not to mention Dazza would like his dinner at a decent hour).

So I am over the doom and gloom for now until further notice. P.S. for those who were waiting to hear about my cyst's, well I am being referred to a breast clinic so until I'm told otherwise, I'm thinking that they will go away with positive thoughts.

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Kristy said...

Melbourne is something positive to look forward to with your workmates.

Hope everything goes well