Thursday, August 28, 2008

going crazy

Ok so some of you may say 'going???????????' but I have stayed home from work today with the stress of 1 paling coming off my fence, it may seem small but in a minute I will explain. The neighbour called out this morning about fixing the fence on our side because Molly who was 'destruction dog' has turned into the 'rounder upper dog', being that she is border collie she likes to round up the dogs on the other side of the fence, in doing this so that she can have a better look at them, she pulls the palings off the fence. So this morning as Dazza couldn't fix it before work we pushed the old deep freezer over to the fence. Now enter Humphrey the Alaskan malamute of course that breed like to jump and climb, they aren't known as escape artist's for nothing. But I digress, so I'm now worried that they will jump onto the deep freezer and be over the fence ............... with the Rottweiler. Ok so you may say that's a big IF. But ....................

2 weeks ago today actually, our other neighbour on the other side with Odie the Jack Russell came to our door to advise that 2 palings were off the fence and Odie was missing, could we please check our yard. Sure enough, there was Odie, only he wasn't moving! Poor little Odie was no longer with the living if you get what I mean. No one knows what happened, no witnesses of course, no puncture wounds to suggest, just a dead dog in the sand pit where everything goes to live as its Humphrey's favorite place.

So now you can see why I would be worried about the dogs and the side fence, it feels irrational but also I can justify it, it really does stress me out.

I've also seemed to have upset someone at work, really I don't care as I've been nice to this person for the past 12 months even though she has driven me crazy with all her sex talk, ex husband crap, new boy friend crap and other stuff that I won't go on about, but you know one of those people that you begin to realise that they are probably making up more than the truth with what they are saying. Anyway, we work in a call centre, inbound customer service which I pride myself on, but this person continually barks at customers, accuses them, belittles them and thinks she's justified. Out team leader has said something but of course as she doesn't like her, she doesn't listen, she thinks 'she's' justified to talk to customer this way! Anyway I gave her a gentle talk to about how to handle some of her hard customers, (which btw I don't think they are that hard) which she didn't seem to take on board. The next day after someone called being disconnected and trying to be put back on, all I could hear is her insulting them! I couldn't hear the person I had on the call beside her so once we were both off the call, I said, can you please not get so loud, if you had problems with that customer you should have put them through to the correct department or given it to a team leader, she again thinks she's justified in telling the customer off for not paying her bill, hello we are CUSTOMER SERVICE not credit! So after saying something to her, she turned around and under her breath but so I could hear, she says, 'oh that's right because I'm so crap at my job' and hasn't said a word since. I mean I am just about the only friend she has there and this is no wonder why. She sprouts off about crap and everyone turns off but because I sit next to her I have to deal with it. Today she is going for another job at another company and we all hope she gets it and gets the hell out of our work so we can go on and enjoy what we do.

Well what a rant that turned into, hey but don't worry, I'm not being doom and gloom, I'm really positive that I want her out :)

On to more about me, of course, the healthy eating is coming on a treat, I have been having the same thing everyday for lunch which I know I have to change soon or I'll become bored, I've had some issues with breakfast too, trying to work out something that isn't too many calories, in my head I don't want to use up too many calories for breakfast cause it limits my lunch and dinner choices, but I think I'm getting there, I have to get more exercise in but have to be mindful of my wrist which still gives me trouble, never really gone away but you have to get on with life don't you. So this is the point that I'm at, won't really know if its all working or not as I don't have a start weight which is probably a good thing for me not to get stuck on the numbers. You know October 1st is my Blog birthday, 2 years and I'm probably heavier than I have ever been. Geez I'm good at this aren't I? LOL


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Kek said...

Your colleague is a dick.

Hope you enjoy your day at home, Sue - sounds like you could use a break anyway. :o)