Sunday, August 31, 2008

Something else I learnt

Dazza is crap at painting, but don't tell him or I'll be doing it all myself.

As you may be a ware, or not, we are in the process of applying to adopt, so have all these jobs to be done before we get to the top of the list to be assessed which includes home visits. So I had started to undercoat the Suede effect paint on every wall in the god damned house but then that all stopped, over the time since I undercoated the hall, kitchen and the tops & bottoms of the entry way, Humphrey dog and his 'big hairy dirt coated body' has been sliding along, jumping on the walls. So whenever we had company over it looked like a complete mess! I was embarrassed to say the least. So yesterday morning I woke thinking about the walls which meant my brain just kept ticking over and over and over about the darn paint. So yesterday paint was brought and once home in the afternoon, the tins were opened and Dazza only had to undercoat a few area's for me that I hadn't completed in kitchen (behind the fridge) and the entry (the walls) and the new archway between the kitchen and lounge (remember we had to plaster up?) but I got to paint the new colour 'Sago' n the walls in the kitchen and hall way. I did 2 full rooms to her little undercoat and I swear he nearly used a whole 4Lt can plus paint all over the darn floor!

So thismorning while he is sleeping in, I will do a second coat on the hall and the kitchen and then we are off visiting friends.


Kek said...

Yeah, Bike Boy is crap at painting too. I did our entire house - twice - in the time we lived there, and I learned not to ask for his help...

Clarkie said...

I don't know if they really don't know how to do it or think that if they are crap they get out of it!