Sunday, December 28, 2008

If that was Christmas

then I'm glad it's over :O

No really it went really well, apart from my in-laws being late (nothing unusual there), my sister (who has never been to my place) couldn't find us! Eventually everyone turned up and a good time was had by all. When you consider that lunch was at 1pm and our last visitor didn't leave until 6.30pm, off to someone else's place, there was no need to have to travel to anyone else's place for us for dinner that's for sure.

My sweetheart Daz surprised me with a new ring, I'd take a photo but it's at the jewelry store being re sized and I can't have it back until about the 15th of January, when we went to have it re sized, Daz brought me a new wedding band as well. I brought Daz a GPS for when he gets his car back on the road, shortly, I hope that is.

I also received money so have brought a new mobile phone and shoes, received a hot sauce pack with cactus plate.

On the horrible side, my father in-law turned up at 11am on Christmas morning as I was busy in the kitchen didn't realise that he didn't give Daz a present but gave me one, I only realised when he had left and I felt terrible. Why would he give me a present and NOT GIVE ANYTHING to his own son? I felt like crap and wish I had know as I would have told him to shove it. It was a nail polish and nail set, you can tell this is the only time of the year I see him as I don't even have nails!

One thing we were not impressed with was Bon Bon's this year, I even spend more on them than ever thinking that the trinkets on the back looked OK but in reality they were crap and allot had the same thing in them. Well on Boxing Day (I know crazy) I went shopping and as Daz needed pipe cleaners for what ever crazy thing his making now, I went into Lindcraft Imagine store and as I was browsing the discounted Christmas items for next year, came across do it your self Bon Bon's, the only thing that it doesn't have is the trinket. 8 extra large for $2.49, then as it was a sale I got 30% off as well, in the end I brought 48 Bon Bon's and 2 packs of pipe cleaners and it only cost me $13, hello people that is the cheapest Bon Bon's ever in the whole world.

Our idea for next year is to put money in them, like a $5 note or something, maybe a lucky $20. I have also heard of people putting in socks for the men and snake brackets for the girls.

Tell me if you have any other idea's for what I can place in them for next year.

Anyway, its back to reality now and I have to go next door to feed the animals again, neighbours are away................. hey tell me, have you ever had to deal with people like this.

My neighbours who go away regularly, ask me to feed their cat and dog, this time they have a brother staying there but he also goes away and came over to ask me to feed the dog and cat for 5 days, when I went to feed them on the first night, there was only 1/2 a can of dog food and 1/4 can of cat food and no dry food for the cat.

Remember I told you I was feeding them for 5 days! No other food to be found.

Why are they doing this, this is the second time that there is not enough food, the first time I thought I might have been feeding them too much, hence running out of food but this time clearly there is not enough food.

What would you say to them on return?

I have had to buy food twice now, of course I am not going to let the animals starve but come on, its not a Maltese terrier that eats a bit, its a Rottweiler for god sake. These people used to be the neighbours from hell but we have changed our opinion of them but come on.

They used to board the dog at a kennel when they went away until they asked me, its getting a bit old but she is a sweet dog. Now with this food thing, its getting ridiculous.

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