Sunday, December 21, 2008

It feels like forever since I have been on blogger or even looked at anyones blogs but in reality only about 2 weeks!

I've had internet trouble and at the moment using Mozilla instead of Explorer, don't seem to figure out what is happening but at least I can get on here now.
We started to clean up the yard as of yesterday, really would have liked to have had that completed before now but with Dazza working on the Saturday mornings, it leaves him tired and when he gets home he wants to see before the clean up, well let me just say, my man, he can SLEEP, I had to resort to waking him up if I ever wanted to get it done. But now that we have started, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I know that I am encouraged by the clean up because it them makes my brain start to formulate plans - what plans you may ask?

  1. a new garden design
  2. trees to be removed
  3. magnolia trees to replace old trees around parameter fence
  4. a new fence from garage to house (making drive all the way to garage)
  5. water tank with flushing system for toilet
  6. GREEN grass 9as as apposed to dirt which I have now
  7. swing set for could-be children
  8. replace all chewed up dog toys with more hardier dog toys
  9. cat enclosure for my 2 pussies
  10. new BBQ
  11. new pergola
  12. car port that goes from front drive way back to garage and then wraps around back of house to join new pergola (I know that a biggie)
I think I should stop now, its getting a bit out of hand. Oh did I tell you I forgot to put on Tattslotto last night so I'm sure my numbers would have come out and that list above could have been paid for already!

So I apologise for being a bad blogger again and not reading every ones blogs but promise to catch up

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littlezen said...

It's always fun to get house stuff done!

I got your package. You'll have to send me your address so I an mail it to you.