Saturday, December 06, 2008

OK, so the 1st of December came and went and I hadn't updated the number of people in front of us with DHS. That's because that darn number hasn't changed! its still 6 couples ahead of us. Now if I remember rightly the words used are, 'the approval process takes approximately 12 months from start to approved', HELLO when does start start??? If this is the process then we need to get a move on or we will be letting them know when they start the dam assessment that they only have xx months to have this all finished and before the board for approval. It probably won't go over very well to be in a hurry but come on people!

I also have a secret, I'm having a birthday dinner tonight shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone but I'm turning four zero. Don't say it out loud cause I don't want to hear the number. Dazza brought me a new digital camera and surprised me with it last night. What a sweetie. I do need to watch the words that come out of my mouth when he gives me things but I can't help it, cause it wasn't really the camera I had been eyeing off and not the type he said we should get but its still very nice. I think I just have to tell him more how much I appreciate him.

Got a message from a friend yesterday to tell me her new baby has hip dysplasia! Poor baby is only 7 1/2 months old. It appears that he may have to have an operation and a cast, there is no family history, could have just been the way he was positioned whilst she was pregnant. At least I guess they have found this out before he started to try and walk, I'm sure it would be very painful if anything happened then.

Any who, must get a move on, with all the things to prepare for today ............... shhhhhhhhhhh


SassyCupcakes said...

Happy Birthday. :)

twondra said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you're able to have a good one!!!