Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm so proud of me :)

I donated all of my Women's Fitness & Health mag's, along with some older Slimming mags and Weight Watchers mags to the local gym here. I tried to give them away to Kerryn but apparently she has enough of her own (**stifles giggle**) that she has to move to her new place. Now I know that if I have 3-4 year backlog of these mag's, Kerryn you must have double that so my heart goes out to you with moving those. Its funny how heavy a "few" mags can be :

For my trouble I received 2 family swim passes and a Aqua class pass.

I also received a call yesterday for more animal feeding but not from the neighbour but from Dazza's mate, they need someone 'reliable' to feed their dog and give him medication while they go away to the river for New Years Eve night and back New Years day. I really should do this as a business I tell you. The neighbour used to pay a fortune at the kennel and my SIL recently looked after a dog in her home for $550 and the people even paid for the dog's food! But of course I won't ask for money, not until I'm running around our entire suburb feeding animals :)

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