Sunday, December 07, 2008

its time

to make a list.

Yes we are hosting Christmas again this year (and every year from now on) and I am not prepared at all for this festive season. I have brought NO presents yet but I must admit we do really only buy for the small children which there are only about 3 now plus 2 nieces who are 9 and 13 and like money, oh and we do buy for Dazza's sister (she is the only sibling he has) and our parents. I haven't ordered any chickens or anything. I feel so far behind but I think I can catch up. I don't think I will put up a tree like I originally thought, especially with Humphrey being still in his 'puppy' stage as I don't think it would last very long at all. He like to eat things like that (I got flowers last night and as soon as I placed them on the kitchen bench he was trying and succeeding in eating them!) I might invest in a small tree that can be placed on a counter top to add some sparkle to the lounge.

Now to start to think of the numbers - this is the part that scares me.

Mum, Dad, Dazza, Me, Mumsy, Ms D, Miss A, Miss C, Mrs C, Mr C, Mr J, Mr A, Mr A2, Ms D, Ms S .............. 15 for lunch, that don't seem that bad. Oh and maybe Mrs M, Mr J, Master J, Mr P, Ms S2, Miss K and Master D, maybe 22 ........ mmmmmmmmm

We always have the traditional meal, dad likes the traditional, me I could have a BBQ but no, he won't like that and mum would be back to making and cleaning up Christmas day, can't have that.

This is making my head spin a little (and it has nothing to do with the Tequila from last night ;) I think I will take this opportunity to nick down the street while Dazza is still in bed to go buy the kids bikes.

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