Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Assessment Update

Thought I should update on our visits from D*HS since our very first meeting.

Since the 12th of July we have had another couple meeting, a individual meeting with myself which is still not finished, darn large families with issues and Daz has had an individual meeting (which was finished in 4 hours!). As far as we know, I still have to finish my individual session on family and religion and the like, then I think we will break for a couple of weeks while it gives our worker time to write up some stuff, come back together for maybe another 1or 2 sessions maybe, I can't imagine what else we can tell her. It all seems to be going very positively except I have now thrown a spanner in the works by getting SACKED from work just over a week ago.

Add to that Daz has gone through 6 jobs in 6 months, something unheard of in our lives but is now self contracting again, something I'm not thrilled with but since the money is good, will deal with. So far I haven't really been doing anything, I've looked for some government jobs which is all I am really willing to apply for at this stage, I'm thinking of adoption leave. My old employer did me a favour I think as I would only have gotten 5 days adoption leave paid.

So at the moment I am a lady of leisure, don't know what to do with myself except watch TV, The jobs I have applied for have closing dates of the 30th and 31st of July so don't expect a call for an interview (if I get one at all) until at least a week after the closing.

Any idea's of what I can do in the mean time, drop me a line, if you have any good knitting patterns that can be emailed, also drop me a comment.

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twondra said...

I love to read! I also love to catch up on old movies. I hope you're able to keep yourself busy. :)