Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What to do????

So I mentioned on my last post I am now unemployed, I was terminated, sacked, sent packing..... you get the picture. Well me dilemma today is .............. if I get a job interview, when I get a job interview, when the ask me why I left my previous employer, do I tell them the truth? Has anyone had experience with this one? I have never in all of my working life been terminated, much less be told that I have breached the code of conduct which sounds even worse.

I got a book on interviews and questions and it states to never say yes to being sacked, I guess if I don't say it myself, how will it come out in conversation when my reference check is done? If I don't dob myself in, how will they know to ask that question? Shouldn't my referee be only answering questions posed to them?

If you have a way I can answer this question I would be grateful for a comment left for me.......


Chelle said...

Don't tell them you were let go. I would just tell them that you were bored with the job and ready to move on to something more challenging. I don't know how references work there, but here I don't think your previous employer is allowed to say anything disparaging against you, including that you were let go.

Anonymous said...

I was fired once. When I went to look for another job I went through a temp agency and got a temp to perm position. My reference was also someone from the job before the one I was fired from who I knew I could trust. I didn't volunteer the fact that I had been fired.