Tuesday, July 28, 2009


That's right, me unemployed!

How could this have happened to me????

Well take 1 smart arse customer who yells and screams as though you are his dog in the back ground when really your a customer service agent trying to talk to a customer as she normally would but after one to many smart arses, decides to end the call. That equals 'Breach of Code of Conduct'. Equals me unemployed! They even walked me out of the building, not sure if they thought I would randomly hang up on people as I walked past, unsure as to what they were thinking. I take solace in the fact that in the last month they have sacked 8 people, me being number 6. I think that they are shedding staff and I gave them the prefect way to shed me.

What is a girl to do now???

I don't know if I want to go back to work ANYWHERE. I'm being way too picky but hell I'm 40 for Gods sake, I can be picky.

So if your looking for me, I'm on the couch eating chips and drinking Coke.

As for Origin, they can bite me

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Kristy said...

Sorry to hear this Sue. I hope you find something else soon