Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I'm gunna ...........

I think I'm just gunna stop! You know after being sick yet again this week with the dreaded diarrhoea, (yes I did it again!) I have been home again just thinking. I have been told by Dazza many times that I over think every thing. He tells me, just stop thinking about it and just do it.

Today I went back to work, second guessing myself as to whether I was well enough and decided to go, I don't like the thought of people thinking that I'm slacking so I go and in the end, I just end up coming home again. I think to much. I don't call into work because I think that they will not like me. I go to work but think that I can't do this, so feel sorry for myself and get my butt sent home. I sit on the couch and think 'whats wrong with me?' I don't want another job, I do like my job, maybe the thought of having to get the sales is effecting me. I think that I won't get the sales, which makes me come up with excuses, maybe I am just not a 'sales' person. I don't think that they will let me go back to my old position, they have stated this before. But should I try anyway?

Today on the Tyra Show there was a 'diet' war, Dazza told me to turn it over as I am not on a diet anymore, he tells me I think to much about it! I'm sitting here thinking whether I should have soup for tea or wait for Dazza as he would want pizza and I can have a pasta................. to much thinking being had here.

I am going to come up with a new train of thought. I am no longer going to think about whether I am feeling well. I think I will just be. I will tell myself I am always well that way even if I am lying to myself, I will not second guess going to work. I know that second guessing myself is sometimes good especially if I have had diarrhoea all morning but for other times, I'm lying!


Hann said...

... and I think you should come over and visit my blog and see you are not the only crazy one out there LOL.
Lift your chin up and smile, you can and will make it, things get tough (I know) and things don't work our way (I know) but still we'll make it.
Glad I found your blogs, I enjoyed your honest writing.
Aussie greetings.

Kristy said...

I know what you mean Sue. This morning I feel stressed from thinking. I'm thinking about food and exercise and what I should do and it is getting me down and hurting my head and not solving anything. It would be great to have an on off switch!

Livy said...

I too am often told I 'think' too much about things. Try just to focus on today, and YOU forget about what everyone else is thinking and feeling, and just think about Sue for today. Try not to worry so much about, tomorrow, or tonight, or next week. Think about right NOW... right in this moment. Kek told me to focus on TODAY's food. Just today's. That is what I do, and it's helped a great deal. Over analysing everything isn't good for your health I don't think. Especially worrying about things you can't change!

Debstar said...

All that thinking reminded me of a scene from the movie 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy'. In case you haven't seen it there are 3 guys walking across a sandy area and everytime they have a thought a shovel comes up out of the ground and wacks them on the head. It doesn't sound that funny now that I'm reading it but I fair near wet myself the first time I saw that scene.

Maybe you need one of those shovels to stop you from thinking....i think. lol

Frankly I stopped thinking a long time ago. It hurts my head too much.