Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today my mum tells me that she has seen my niece again recently, where she decided to inform my mum that when she goes into labour she wants me there! I know we have been close and its bad to say, but she was always my favorite growing up and she did live with us for many years before running away for 3 years. But come on.

Mum tells her that she thinks its a bad idea and she's just, 'do you think' and looks at her boyfriend who says mmmmmmmmmm 'yeah, think about it', and I thought he was an idiot??

I guess I have to remember that she probably doesn't realise that I am upset, not actually at her but with the situation. I never do tell people that I am upset as I MUST always be the strong one, the one everyone else can come to for there problems. I'm the solver of others problems, just not my own and don't know what to do with my problems that I have no control over.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog to 'the biggest whinger?'


linda said... don't deserve that title at all! What about 'mrs a lot on her plate' instead???

Debstar said...

Oh goodness, I don't know that I like this background. It makes me feel sad just looking at it. Is that a doodle hanging down between the dogs ears. hehehe. Now thats all I can see when I look at that dog.
Find something happy for Pete's sake, you're down enough as it is.

Sue said...

I'm trying, but think I will go back to the plain ones. Thanks guys

Debstar said...

Arhhhhhh! Thats better.

Kristy said...

Sue it's nice to see you back on your blog. Being obssessed with food isn't a good thing and I have decided not to be as obssessed anymore as well. I am still eating well during the week, but need to try and eat better at the weekends, but not stressing about it if I don't.

Take it easy Sue and relax a little as you are having a real tuff time... Take the dogs for a walk in the sunshine (if you see any) as that always cheers me up : )