Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm bored

So here I am again today in my "resting" faze of being ill. But I am bored shitless. I have Foxtel but after a week it is all the same. God I want to go back to work. I haven't heard from my team manager as yet and am trying to not take it as a bad sign. I'm thinking again!

I've read everyones blogs, looked at some others and its only 9.03AM, what am I going to do now. Dazza's in bed with the flu so he's no good to talk to, I'm too scared he'll breath on me anyway. Poor boy wants warmth in bed as he's so sick and all I say is 'roll the other way' so that he doesn't breath on me. I'm such a bitch but I don't need that illness too.

Well better go and find something to occupy my mind before I start to think again.


Livy said...

I have some ideas for you.

*Do some baking or cooking of some kind. Go and make a soup for Daz. Or a nice big chocolate cake.

*Clean. Clean the windows, or scrub out the bath. Scrub the kitchen floor.

*Go to the library and get a new novel to read, and sit and read that all day.

*Write out a list of how many things you have in life to be grateful for, try to think of 50.

*Wash your hair and tweeze your eyebrows. Paint your toenails.

*Write a poem.

*Go and buy a craft hobby like paint by numbers or a puzzle.

*Go and buy a copy of that's life and do all the puzzles.

Hope you are back to work soon! And Sue SMILE!! Lots of people would LOVE a day off work!!

linda said...

or..... read my Friday blog.... and clean out the pantry! What fun!!!

Debstar said...

Or get some stupid toy and take photos of it in various parts of your house.

I think the suggestions on housework would not work for me.