Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I really have to get moving

As the title states I really need to get moving, don't know how or when but I do. I've been thinking about it this morning and thought that maybe I should try Yoga, in a real yoga place, you know where the temp is turned up to sweat. I wouldn't mind trying Pilate's as well but unsure where I would go for 'real' Pilate's.

Food is still a problem for me, I had breakfast this morning at about 6.50am 2 weat bix and a banana with lite milk but still wanted something by the time I got to work in the city, what I really wanted was some nuts or something but there wasn't any place I could get them this morning, so went to a health food place and got a yohgurt with muesli which was so thick and creamy but also very heavy so didn't need to eat it all. Think now that its morning tea time I will eat my fruit salad or will I have the left over yoghurt from this morning ...................

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