Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today is the day of change

So today I woke up and thought this has got to change, I'm still tired but that's because I went to bed later last night. But I must admit I was lazy and didn't walk to the station today but did walk to the bus stop instead. Instead of the crumpets I have had 2 multi grain vita brits with 1% milk and 2 coffees so far. I did pick me up some fruit salad on the way to work, large for $2.50, what a bargain. Lunch is to be salami and cheese sandwiches x 2, I know still not the best choice but food shopping for the fortnight is this weekend so don't shot me. I did also pack a snack sandwich for just in case of a peanut butter sanga. Put that together with the fruit box drink and water and I should be set for the day. Dinner tonight will be sausages and something, probably chips, I know, I can hear you yelling from here Kek.

Well best start work, talk later..................


Kek said...

I'm not yelling - that's a big improvement, and shows some good planning.

Don't try to change everything at once, it's unlikely to work. Commit to making one or two improvements to your meals each week and just build on it. You're doing well so far. :)

Oh, be sure to add some vegies to your dinner!

Kristy said...

Hey Sue small changes are great and as Kek says you don't want to make huge changes or it is too hard. Something that is really helping me right now is "if not dieting, then what". I feel such freedom all of a sudden. It is amazing to read and I will read it a few more times yet so it really sinks in... I'd definitly recommend reading!