Monday, October 22, 2007

My new babies

Yesterday we went into Up Markets Pet Store to look at more snakes as Dazza wants a newbie so he can breed them but low and behold I ended up putting a deposit on 2 of the littlest Painted Dragons I have ever seem. As adults they only get to 65mm. They are so speedy its just so funny to watch. I have put a deposit on a pair, male & female and whilst there they were doing the monkey business already! The boys are brightly coloured especially after they shed their skin, the girls on the other hand are just a standard brown. This pic on the side is not my dragon and you can see some of his colour showing through but that appears to be the red sand that he may have been rolling in. The are blight blues, yellows, reads and whites. just stunning. I thought maybe I should just have to males as they are so pretty but that won't work as they are territorial. I decided that I want a glass coffee table so that they can be in the lounge room. You really can not get them out as they are so quick you would never catch them, however if you have a bit of depth you can put your hand in and they will not jump so can't get out. I can't wait to pick them up but first have to get their enclosure right oh and make of course.

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