Sunday, August 02, 2009

Beaten up

It just keeps happening in our house!

Daz went to work yesterday in the 'chicken' factory, he had to do some pipe work and was there most of the day. Near the end of the day he was working away changing a O ring in a pipe when it started to shutter.

He thought, mmmmm not good, pretty sure this is not on. And that's when it hit him, straight in the left side of the face, chicken guts and body parts along with caustic acid which they clean the pipes with.

Apparently the plumber thought he was finished with the pipe and turned it on for testing!!!

He is a little worse for wear, lots of bruising to the face and legs as he was stuck in a spot he couldn't stand up in and had to try and crawl away with his eyes shut.

I've been giving him lots of love and attention, he says that it took the focus from his gallstones but I think that was only for a little while because he is back to worrying about what to eat and what will bring on another attack.

We're thinking of him doing a gallstone cleanse which is made up of virgin Olive oil, lemon juice and V8 or pineapple juice. It only takes about 4 hours to drink the lemon juice and olive oil and then wait for the bowel response. Should be interesting since we only have 1 bathroom but that may be the plan for next week end, wish us luck.


Kek said...

Isn't it time you caught a break, Sue? Geez, you're having a run of really crappy luck. :o(

Sue aka Clarkie said...

Its so true Kek, bring on 2010 I say, as long at the adoption assessment is going ok that's all that matters :)