Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog issues!

I need help of some sort.

Today I was going to blog about actually getting off my arse and going for a walk, but instead I'm back to my usual problem if Miss Molly (the border collie) pulling palings off the back and side fences where there happens to be other dogs. This would not normally be a problem if I didn't have Master Humphrey the Alaskan Malamute who of course doesn't like small dogs and will go into the other properties causing God knows what problems.

You may remember some time ago the neighbour on the left had a Jack Russell. I say had as some how after palings were removed by Miss Molly, said neighbours dog ended up dead in our back yard!

I don't know how to fix this problem of her pulling off the palings. Its doing my head in and once Daz gets home he will be less than impressed once again. I thought about running the clear plastic along the fences like they place around trees to stop the wild life ruining the trees but Daz says it won't work. Anyone else have any thoughts on what I can do?

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Chelle said...

I too have BCs and have similar property damage issues with one of them ripping bits of wood off my house. My only recommendation is to walk that dog or do anything you can to wear her out. She is doing that because she has so much energy and she is bored. I've put all kinds of toys out in our yard for the dog, but she gets bored with them. So the past few weeks I've been taking her out to play fetch until she begs to stop, and then we go on walks as well. Maybe you can get your dog chewies? Something, anything to keep her occupied.