Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The results

Well this seems to have turned into Dazza's blog doesn't it? But I guess he does effect my life so its not so bad to blog about him.

It turns out he does have Wolff-Parkinson's White syndrome, we have another appointment with the doctor I will call the 'heart electrician' to tell us our options for having this extra abnormal pathway in the heart treated on the 7th of September so will update after this appointment on the treatment, in the mean time he just has to carry on as per normal, what ever that is. LOL

Ultrasound was this morning for gallstones, as it turns out again, another yes, he has a very large one which the tech told him to take it easy on the fried and fatty foods because its large enough to KILL him. Nice........ so we are off to the doctors on Friday night to find out the next course for this one as well.

Back to me, I'm still not working, went for a temp role yesterday part time, but we have to weight and see. On a good note I joined 'The Biggest Loser Online' last week in a moment of weakness, haven't been following it but have gone from 92.7 to 90.8 in the week. Don't know how that happened but I guess not frying anything since Dazza's attack is making a difference maybe.

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Kristy said...

Great job Sue on the weight loss.

I hope Dazza is feeling better soon. I'm not sure, but do they normally do surgery for large gallstones?

I hope you can find a new job soon.

Take care