Thursday, August 20, 2009

The crapola you see

You know I was preparing for diner tonight when I heard on the TV a new 'detox' diet.

Lose a dress size in 2 days! How can that be good advertising. There really should be something stopping that type of advertising. You even get to try it for FREE for 21 days!


Debstar said...

If I lost a dress size in 2 days then in 4 days I would be just right (for me). I wouldn't need a whole 21 days at all.

Thanks for dropping by, it's been awhile. My daughter and I are doing Computer Studies and Language & Learning, which is basically English.
I'm so far out of my comfort zone and I'm not happy. I prefer my lazy happy bubble any day.

Lady G said...

Yeah it is scary what they are allowed to put on TV! I hate all the ads claiming that X highly-processed cereal and Y "fruit" bars (which are mostly sugar) are good for you and your kids! Especially when there are NUTRITIONISTS advertising it.

Kek said...

Come on Sue...don't you believe everything you see on TV? Would they lie to you?