Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update on the hubby

So as it turns out after seeing the cardiologist, Daz does have this Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome which means that he will have to see the man that I will be calling the 'heart electrician' cause I don't know what else to call him...........

Apparently they can do some sort of day procedure to fix the problem, when this happens he will be out of action for 6-8 weeks, me is freaking a little since he is now self employed so that means no funds! f course we are going to leave this little condition away from our government adoption agency. No need to alarm them................ If this little day procedure doesn't work it will be a matter of cracking the chest open to fix it. I'm just going to assume until proven wrong that it will be the day procedure that fixes the problem.

Now onto issue number 2. Gallstones. It appears that Daz has 10 5mm stones which means he has to have his gallbladder out. But wait for it, not until his heart op. I didn't go to the doctors appointment but Daz tells me the doctor was speaking to him as if he was dying. He is a little worried now. It also appears that it is a certainty that he will have more gallstone attacks and has been advised by the doctor to inform his work that if they see him changing to the colour of yellow to call an ambulance!

Lucky we are in the ambulance that's for sure but we do not have private health insurance. The doctor seems to think that even though we do not have private health insurance that we will get through the waiting list for the heart procedure very quickly but our next appointment isn't until the 7th of September.

I'm just so worried that if I cook the wrong food or he eats something at work he might end up in all that pain again. However the doctor said that if he has the attack again they may have no option but to remove his gallbladder first.

On the high side, I got a job, I start on the 31st of August, however its not the job I want. I have another 2 weeks to get the job I want but that seems unlikely since the job applications closed 2 weeks ago and they haven't sort listed yet! That's government jobs for you.

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twondra said...

Congrats on the job!!

I'm so sorry about your hubby. I hope things work out. I'm thinking about you and always here for you if you need to talk. (((HUGS)))